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 Last update December 14, 2015

The site is focused primarily towards the self drive, with camping  &  accommodation accessible by vehicles in mind, many 

of which are self catering. Included are some upmarket (UPand moderate (Mpriced camps, lodgeshotels, B & B's,

guest houses, and chalets that maybe of interest to travelers who prefer accommodations and catering over camping. 

The tariff ratings are currently incomplete. Inclusion in this directory does not imply a recommendation.

Finding the exact location of the camps and lodges, and navigating to them:


The only map that includes nearly all the coordinates, on road and off road (4x4) tracks for the campsites

and accommodations of Botswana, as listed below. 

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Hall and Watts Africa



Unit 16 Kgale Mews, Gaborone International Finance Park


Elephant Sands



53km north of Nata on the Kasane road





Plot 6406 Unit4b, Tlhwane Road, Broadhurst Industrial Area

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