Maun Self Drive 4x4

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                                 CKGR / Kalahari - Campsites and Accommodations

CKRG Lodges outside the park

    Dinaka Safari Lodge  M    New Lodge

   Deception Valley Lodge UP  (alt)     .

   Central Kalahari Game Lodge UP  

   Kalahari Manor    UP    

   Haina Safari Lodge- Brakah campsites   UP  

    Kalahari Desert Camp  UP

CKRG camp outside of park  

   Tsau Hills Camp  NW side of park (pvt.-game farm used for hunting)  Bokamosa Lodge

   Phofu Eco Safari Lodge   UP  Lodge, tented camp and camping  SW corner of CKGR  6000h game farm

CKRG Botswana DWNP

   Matswere Gate Campsite

   Matswere Campsite   

   Kukama Campsite   

   Kori Campsites    

   Sunday Pan campsites    (Privatised- operator- Big Foot Tours)   

   Deception Campsites 

   Manong Campsite   .

   Kgoogong Campsite

   Passarge Valley Campsite   

   Phokoje Campsite    

   San Campsite   

   Letiahau Campsite    (Privatised- operator- Big Foot Tours)  

   Piper Pan Campsites   (Privatised- operator- Big Foot Tours)  

   Xade Campsite  

   Xaxa Campsite  

   Motopi Campsite    (Privatised- operator- Big Foot Tours)  

   Bape Campsite 

   San Campsite   

   Lekhubu campsite  (Privatised- operator- Big Foot Tours

CKRG Lodges inside the park    

   Kwando Tau Pan Camp- UP open March 2009  

   Kalahari Plains Camp UP