Maun Self Drive 4x4

4x4 Hire For Camping, Game Viewing and Offroad Travel

                                   Khutse Campsites and Accommodations

Khutse Lodges outside of the park

    Khutse Kalahari Lodge B/M   no camping, approx. 10 km before the East Gate

     New Lodge opening soon        approx. 28kms before the East Gate

Khutse GR – Botswana DWNP

   Khutse Khanke campsites    (Privatised - operator - Big Foot Tours

   Khutse Mahurushele Campsites (Privatised - operator - Big Foot Tours

   Khutse Molose Campsites   (Privatised - operator - Big Foot Tours)  .

   Khutse Moreswe Campsites   (Privatised - operator - Big Foot Tours)  

   Khutse Campsites   (Privatised - operator - Big Foot Tours)

   Khutse South Gate Campsite