Maun Self Drive 4x4

4x4 Hire For Camping, Game Viewing and Offroad Travel

                              2012 Tracks4Africa Botswana Paper & SD Card Map

T4A map online  

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                                                  Miscellaneous Information



   Sexaxa Cultural Village   Just past Discovery B&B on the way to Moremi

   Ron's Fresh Produce    butchery  Closed

   Delta Meat Deli     butchery Phone: +267-686 1413 Fax: +267-686 1419

   Beef Boys     New Butchery opened in Nov 2011 - fresh imported fish from

                 Walvis Bay, processed products as well as German cold meats and

                 sausages. “With our range of products, we are targeting almost

                 everyone and our supplies go through to the lodges, hotels and

                 safari companies. We are here to stay and supply quality products

                 at an affordable rate," in the red painted building near the

                 Markus complex on Tsheko Tsheko road.     Ngami Times

                 You can place your order in advance. They can shrinkwrap.

                 Tel & Fax: 00267 6864 771 

                 Schalk Cell: 00267 7213 6006   

    Kalahari Kanvas 

                 camping & cooking gear can be rented

              Engel 12/220v frig/freezers by special arrangement

              Mathiba I Rd. 267-686-0568, near the airport.

              New owner? 


   Yoga classes - Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays   

                         P45 per class for 1 ¼ hours

             Tuesdays and Thursdays - 8:00am and 5:30pm    Wednesday - 1:00pm

             The Studio is located behind Hilary’s Coffee Shop, near the airport.



   Ron's Butchery

  Max Panel Beaters    Workshop for vehicle repairs



  Pandamatenga Butchery  email orders   +267 736 18493    S18⁰33.1777′   E025⁰37.641

              100km south of Kasane, 5km from the Zim border post (access into Hwange National Park). Conveniently located so that meat can be taken to Kasane,

                Chobe, Savute, Vic Falls and Hwange.  Meat is vacuum packed - beef, lamb and pork. 


           Dorthy- butchery - E-Mail  tel Voda 577 2276 with prior arrangement

              you can pickup your order at Cornwall Ranch.The shop is

              closed on public holidays. She also manages the fuel station at Bray.



     Sandy’s Butchery 

     · Mike De Beer -

           Cell +267 71441141           S22 32.463 E27 05.323   


        Shoppers Supermarket   00267 6540649   S26.02239 E22.39985 


      Artok Butchery    Tel: +267 72120695  +267 72613636  Fax: +27 86 219 4619


       Fouries Butchery        00 267 759 88488 00 267 743 53606 

Botswana GPS Coordinates


Maun Phone Directory 


Maun Email & Website List


Kasane Phone Directory

Botswana Telephone Directory   

Hi-Lift Jack operation YouTube video  

Botswana Cell Phone Operators - with maps of coverage



Rent A Satellite Sat Phone Rental in Fourways, Johannnesburg

Medical Rescue International Botswana (MRIB)

Botswana emergency #s  police assistance - 999 

                                      For an ambulance - 997

                                      In the event of a fire - 998

Botswana Guides Association    

Birdlife Botswana

HATAB - Hospitality and Tourism Association of Botswana

The Ngami Times - Maun's on-line newspaper

Maun Business Hours (opening & closing) 

Botswana Telecommunications Authority  

     Plot 206 & 207 Independence Avenue

     Private Bag 00495, Gaborone

     Tel: 267 3957755, 267 3957976


     Application for radio 29Mhz license  download pdf

 Currency Convertor  

 Botswana Entry Requirements

 Botswana Unified Revenue Service   

  Exchange of Old Pula Banknotes till 2014

Transfers in Maun and Transfers between Maun and Windhoek

 Metsweding Travels    Shuttle Service between Windhoek and Maun     (approximately 9 hours)     ZAR400.00 or N$400.00 per person and minimum of 8 pax   

Letsapa Tour Transport  For transfers in and around Maun, around Botswana and to Windhoek.

Tel/Fax: +267 686 3605     Cell: +267 717 33538 or 712 91882

Bus Service

 Mahube Express    Facebook

     Maun - Johannesburg Luxury Bus Service


Seabelo Express     Gaborone, Francistown, Maun, Ghanzi, Lobatse, Serowe, Ramotswe, Selebi-Phikwe 

Intercape               Gaborone - Joburg 

AT&T Monnakgotla  

Mazhandu Family Bus Services  Francistown-Kazungula-Livingstone-Lusaka

Gaborone-Lusaka Express - Does not pass through Maun  Transfer via Nata

Botswana Public Transport Fares- effective Dec 24 '08

Tepsez Transport Services    Gaborone - Maun via Ghanzi 

Security Advise while touring Botswana

Lock doors, roll up your windows or stay with your vehicle when at rural and urban fuel

stations. There has been a marked increase in asset redistribution by alternative shoppers,

focusing on foreign license plates and obvious out-of-country visitors. SAffers are a  

favoured target.  

Movement of Meat in Botswana


You are allowed to bring in 25kg per family, excluding periods of Foot and Mouth Disease.

This should not be an issue normally. There are quality butcheries at relatively inexpensive prices.

General rules for movement of meat in Botswana:

You can take meat from South to North.

You can take meat from East to West.

Botswana Border Post Hours and Fees


* Matsiloje  06:00 - 18:00   East of Francistown, South of Plumtree  NEW

* Pont Drift - Mashatu 08:00 - 16:00

* Platjan 08:00 - 16:00

* Zanzibar 08:00 - 16:00

* Martins Drift 08:00 - 22:00

* Parrshalt - Stockpoort 08:00 - 18:00

* Sikwane - Derdepoort 07:00 - 19:00

* Tlokweng Gate - Kopfontein 06:00 - 22:00

* Ramotswa - Swartkoppie 07:00 - 19:00

* Pioneer Gate - Skilpdshek 06:00 - 22:00

* Ramatlabama 06:00 - 20:00

* Phitshane Molopo - Makgwebi Stad 07:30 - 16:30

* Bray 08:00 - 16:00

* Makopong 08:00 - 16:00

* McCarthy's Rust 08:00 - 18:00

* Middlepits 08:00 - 18:00

Vehicle Levy: P40-00 per vehicle <3.5 Ton - each entry

Trailer levy P40-00  each entry

Road Safety: P20-00 per vehicle - valid for the calendar year

Trailer - P20-00 - valid for the calendar year  

3rd party insurance for all foreign registered vehicles -  P50-00 per vehicle

New traffic law - April 1 2009 Edition 453 27 March - 3 April, 2009

Exceeding the prescribed speed limit - P3 000-P5 000 or 18 months -2 years imprisonment

Drunken driving P5 000-P10 000 2yrs-5 yrs jail term

Dangerous or reckless driving P2 000-P10000 15 months-2 yrs in jail

Careless and inconsiderate driving P500-P2 000 or 15months-2yrs

Failure to obey police instructions or traffic signs\signals P1 000-P5 000 or 12 months-2 years jail

Leaving cattle to stray on the road attracts a fine of P2 000-P5 000 or 15months-2 years in jail

Some offences may carry both a fine and a jail term.







Sec 30

Driving m/v without licence

P500 – P2000 6 mths – 18 mths

Sec 30(4)

Permitting unlicensed person   to drive (driving instructors cert required

P500 – P3000 6 mths – 18mtsh





Sec 30 (3)

Failure to produce a licence

Not exceeding P500 or 6mths (both)

Sec 45

Speed limit (60,80,120km/h area)

P100 plus P20 km exceeded Not more

Sec 46

Exceeding the prescribed limit

P3000 – P5000 18mths – 2 yrs

Drunken driving

P5000 – P10,000 2 yrs – 5 yrs

Drunken driving by Prdp holder

P5000 – P10,000 2yrs – 5yrs

Failure to supply breath/blood

P5000 – P10,000

18mths – 2 yrs

Section 49

Dangerous /Reckless Driving

Dangerous/Reckless driving by Prdp holders


15mths – 2 yrs

P10,000 – P20,000

5yrs – 10yrs

Sec 50

Causing death by dangerous/reckless driving

Causing death by driving unroadworthy PSV

Causing death due to unfitness by Prdp holder

P10,000 – P30,000

5yrs – 10yrs

P10,000 – P20,000

5yrs – 10yrs

P15,000 – P40,000

8yrs – 15yrs

Sec 51

Careless and inconsiderate driving

Careless and inconsiderate driving by Prdp

P500 – P2000

2mths – 5yrs

P2000 – P10,000

15mths – 5yrs

Sec 57

Failure to obey police instructions

Failure to obey traffic signs/signals

P1000 – P5000

12mths – 2yrs

P1000 – P5000

12mths – 2yrs

Sec 59

Obstructing other road users

P1000 – P2000

12mths – 2yrs

Sec 61

Improper Condition (defects eg indicator, tyre, horn

P1000 – P10,000

1mth – 12 mths

Sec 88

Driving m/v whilst disqualified

P2000 – P5000

15mths – 2yrs (or to both)


Sec 95

Careless driving (bicycle / animal drawn)

P100 – P2000

1mth – 15mths (or to both)

Sec 100

Leaving cattle astray

P2000 – P5000

15mths – 2yrs (or to both)

Sec 100

Driving PSV without Prdp permit

Acting as PSV conductor without permit

P2000 – P5000

P500 – P2000