Maun Self Drive 4x4

4x4 Hire For Camping, Game Viewing and Offroad Travel

                             Western Botswana - Campsites and Accommodations

   Ghanzi Area



      Khurtum Khwe Traditional Camp campsite        .

      Dqae Qare B  campsites x2       .

      Kalahari Arms Hotel   B    campsite          .

      Khawa Safari Lodge campsite B    Acquired by the Botswana Development Corp. Plans to turn into a 3 star facility.

      Tautona Lodge  campsite  (alt) B      .

     Thakadu Bush Camp campsite (alt)   B     

      Gantsi Grand Guest House      B    

 Ghanzi Trail Blazers   B   camping  Xana Village, near Ghanzi 

 Motswiri Lodge  M   camping    Kanana Wilderness game conservancy, near Ghanzi 

  ***Tambo Campsite    30 km’s from Ghanzi on the old Gravel road towards Mamuna border post, next to a waterhole under ancient Lead wood trees. 

                            Entrance is at ~S21.73758 E33196 One large campsite with cement slabs and toilets under leadwood trees. Reservations required.

Chobokwane rest camp off A2 on way to Namibia 

New Xanagas  

       Pham Pham Place  B (donation) camping, tented camp self catering e-mail  Tel #  +267 736 96737 

                            located between Ghanzi and Namibian border. Turn South at Karakubis, 60 kms from

                            the Namibian border. Follow road for 38 kms.  4x4 not required. Abulutions and kitchen facilities. Water, electricity and solar power.

                            Experience traditional bushman lifestyle - Bushman hospitality, arts and crafts, singing, dancing, sports and games


      Coast-to-Coast Inn      Status unknown   A Botswana Development Corp. project   

El Fari Campsite-  64 kms north of Ghanzi   

Grasslands Safari Lodge M  campsite!  (alt)  80 kms NE of Ghanzi  

Edo's Camp   

Lake Ngami         

        Bosele Lake Ngami Conservation Trust      campsites planned

  Western Okavango


         Delta Belle houseboat  

        Drotsky's Cabins  B    camping (mail)

        Shakawe Lodge  B  camping  (mail) (mail)

        Xaro Lodge  B   no camping

         Lawdons Lodge          no  camping

         Hawk Guest House  B     no camping

         Kabbo Waterbourne Luxury Lodge  (alt) houseboat

    Nxamaseri Island Lodge UP   no camping

    Sepupa Swamp Stop   camping  (mail)

    Pepere Island  no camping

    Nguma Island Lodge - Delta Dawn Campsite and self catering chalets B  (mail)

     Monkey Island    M     Previously Firefly Lodge

     Guma Lagoon Camp B  camping

    The Real Mokoro Safaris  Etsha 13   camping,  seasonal access  view in Google Maps

     Gumare Executive Inn               

    Gidichaa   B  located between Nokaneng and Gumare   Camping, catering & self catering ensuite tents   Kalahari Bushmen experience   

  Northeast Okavango


         Jumbo Junction   B   30 kms from Seronga     camping, tents and chalets

         Fallen Baobab  Bush Camp

         Kana Kara  M   safari camp


          Mbiroba Camp  B   camping  Seronga  Okavango Polers Trust

           Willie's Place campsite  Seronga  CLOSED

       Houseboats> Okavango House Boats  Seronga

           Umvuvu Camp    Gao Island  

           Gudigwa Camp   M

           Mapula Lodge  UP    


    Tsodila Hills / Western Botswana 


Tshukumutshu Village rest camp

Tsodilo Hills  

   Tsodilo Hills rest camp   Tel +267 650505  Fax +267 650505    .

   Tsodilo Hills Chalets  .

   Malatso rest camp   .

   Shrine Campsite   .

   Makoba Woods Campsite   .

   Hill Shadow Campsite 

Aha Hills Lodge and Spa   Camping  Opening ~Aug/Sept. of 2014

Hambukushu rest camp 

Ukhwi Community based rest camp.

Masetleng Pan campsite   BWP 50pp, BWP 50p vehicle

Ngwatle Community based rest camp.

Ncaang Community based rest camp.  S23.47329 E21.23578   Qhaa Qhing Conservation Trust

Zutswa community campsite   S24.15097  E21.25079    Qhaa Qhing Conservation Trust

Name Pan  no infrastructure  ~S24 12.7543  E21 04.611  look for sign